Sunday, May 2, 2010


We got our first package in the mail!  It was from the Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission of Kingston and had all kinds of information about the four designated historic districts and a list of preservation and restoration guidelines for the homes that are within these areas. 

Our house is in the Chestnut Street Historic District.  It's a small area...only a few blocks long. And it's great because it means that nobody on our street...or the surrounding streets can do anything crazy to their house.  Any changes you make have to be consistent with the period and architectural style of your home. That means no vinyl siding, no crazy paint jobs, and most importantly no tearing down beautiful old buildings. 

The top photo is the view from our front porch.  Our street is a tiny cul-de-sac with only about 6 other houses on it and ours sits at the very end.  Here are a few of the other houses: 

And here's our house:


  1. Have you guys gotten a card from me and Resh? We mailed it the day you closed!!!

  2. i'm a big fan of heritage architecture here in australia (particularly in melbourne), but these pictures just make me want to tear my hear out, rob a bank and settle down in new york. that 3-storey brick baby, especially!

  3. oh no!! we never got it! so sad....i love mail!!!

  4. All of them look fantastic, must be great to wake up to the sight of this street!

  5. Darbie, I found your blog through Bishop Allen (I'm a long time fan!) and I just wanted to tell you that I'm loving your blog! Moving upstate from Brooklyn is actually a dream of mine as well, so I'm totally enjoying living vicariously. Can't wait to see what you guys do with that beautiful house! Congrats!