Thursday, May 6, 2010


Auctions are something that I have been interested in getting into for a while now.  I've heard that you can find great vintage and antique furniture etc...and if you are lucky you can snag some real bargains. 

Well...guess what my new neighbors do.

Run an auction house

Justin and I went to the preview last Friday where we got to walk around and take a look at everything that was for sale. We picked a few things that we were interested in - a mid century modern credenza, an antique glass front bookcase, an old work table, a box of quilts and old  American flags....and we decided what our max price would be for each item.

The actual auction was on Saturday....and while I was back in NYC with some of my oldest lady friends for a bachelorette party, Justin was there bidding on the items we had chosen the night before.  The credenza and the bookcase went for more than we were willing to spend...but we ended up with the work table, the lot of quilts and flags, 10 boxes of books, 3 wooden chairs, and and a tapestry covered armchair. (The books and chairs were a last minute impulse buy that Justin couldn't resist because they were going for SUPER cheap.)  All in all we spent under $200 and ended up with some great stuff. 

This is one of the items from the box lot - a big, beautiful yo-yo quilt large enough to fit a queen size bed.  It's made with the most darling vintage feedsack style fabrics.

Let me apologize for this terrible, blurry photo.  It does not do this table justice.  It's beautifully weathered and work-worn in person.  

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  1. darbie, i love that first quilt. LOVE. LOVE LOVE.