Thursday, June 24, 2010


Justin and I got new bikes! OLD bikes.

Mine: a light pink and white vintage Ross.

His: a burgundy vintage Armstrong.

Some of the sweet details:

a tank with super 60s graphics and a headlight (gonna try to get it to work)...and a wicker basket

a pink rack on the back

a big old-school speedometer/odometer

an adorable scripty logo

and a red and white bike seat with a matching satchel!!

We got them from Revolution Bicycles in Saugerties -- a cute bike shop with a good selection of vintage bicycles.... and the best's owned by a young couple from Manhattan who also bought a house in Kingston!!

We took our first bike ride down to Keegan Ales, the local brewery...enjoyed a couple glasses of Four Philosophers Belgian Tripel...watched the sun set and rode back home.  God, I love summer.


  1. Those bikes are very nice! How did you come up with the name for your blog?

  2. hmm...good question. i wish i had a good answer!
    i guess i've always had a thing for field guides...and i like the words field guide...and the imagery associated with field guides...and this blog is kind of like my very own field guide --to the things in my house, my town, and my head. and 35 is our house number!