Friday, August 6, 2010


We took our new canoe out for a sunset voyage! We set off from the boat launch at Kingston Point Park and paddled north along the shore of the Hudson. Except for a few distant barges, we had the river to ourselves. And my goodness was it picturesque. The swallows were out in force, and there were deer drinking along the banks.

Justin sat in the he did most of the paddling. Luckily, summer camp served him well and he's quite the canoer! And the boat? She is indeed yar.

Now we just need to name her. Some ideas: The Harvest Moon, Colonel Mustard, Trocadero (after my favorite Swedish soda), The Hello Yellow, Golden Girl, Josephine (after my gram), and The Crescent Moon (in homage to Henry Hudson's ship The Half Moon). What do you guys think? Suggestions? Opinions?


  1. This is such a cool blog!

  2. How about the Bootle Bumtrinket after Gerald Durell's boat?

  3. Colonel Mustard, hands down.

  4. I am CRAZY about that bathing suit! Is it vintage? Wait, I want a canoe too!!

  5. thanks! it's moschino. i got it on super sale at loehmann's like 8 years ago!

    and get a canoe! they rule!

  6. holy crap you guys!!! darbie these pictures are so great. hope to see you guys in Oct, me and lady will be out your way for a wedding. ciao!

    -scott reitherman