Sunday, October 10, 2010


I know posting has been spotty around here lately....but we've had LOTS of guests the past few weeks. So much entertaining means we've had a chance to try our hand at cooking some new seasonal dishes. Our latest: pumpkin, sage, and pecorino ravioli.

Justin and I make homemade pasta a lot but this was our first attempt at ravioli. It turned out pretty darn delicious...and now all we can do is talk about all the things we can fill ravioli with. FIGS! KALE! GOAT CHEESE! PROSCIUTTO! So many possibilities!

The recipe we used came from the cookbook In Season, by Sarah Raven. Her recipe isn't available online so I scanned the page from the book with the ingredients and directions in case anyone wants to give it a whirl. It's posted here.


  1. I love how your cat is leaning in for a closer inspection on one of the photos - adorable!

  2. You have fantastic ravioli making skills. Thanks for letting S and I be part of the initial taste test committee!

  3. Yes!! We had such a blast with you guys! And your ravioli pressing skills are unparelled. You can be our sous chef anytime!!

  4. The Harvest colors of the pumpkins and the blue
    green glass against the weathebeaten table top are so complimentary. The food you make also reflects your love of color and attention to detail and best of all ... you make the art of cooking look like fun. Bravo!!!

  5. you make your own pasta now? i am beyond impressed.