Monday, November 15, 2010


As promised, here's the scoop on the downstairs bathroom...which is now a pinky-pink wonderland of vintage cat photos.

Eventually, I'd like to do a COMPLETE overhaul. The sink is really dated...and not in a cute way. The toilet is newer...but I hate the style of it. It's too big and modern looking. And the floor? Ugh. Don't get me started on the floor. It's really unattractive vinyl tiling that I think is supposed to look like red clay tiles (maybe?)...but they're not fooling anybody. Trust me.

Unfortunately, it's gonna be a LONG time before we can afford to replace most of that stuff and give the bathroom the proper makeover it deserves. But, in the meantime, I figured I would do as much as I possibly could with a little bit of paint and some things we already own.

Here are a few before photos so you can see what I was working with. (And yes, those are stenciled paw prints.)

And here is what it looks like now.

I figured if you are trying to transform a room with little more than paint you better go for a statement color. So I went SUPER pink. I know it's over the top...but I personally love a kitschy pink bathroom...and I really had nothing to lose.

I painted the sink cabinet and mirror a dark charcoal gray. Still not awesome...but MUCH better.

And then I covered the place with vintage cat photos. That made ALL the difference.

The sweet vintage frames and black and white photos totally work with the pink and charcoal color scheme. And the bathroom certainly has personality now...which is what it was really lacking before.

Sadly, the hideous floor is still there...but I put this rug down so that I don't have to see quite as much of it.

Eventually, I would love to do the floor with the tile pattern below from American Restoration Tile.
And I think the room would look fantastic with a tin ceiling (painted the same shade of dark gray as the sink) and an art deco style light fixture. Maybe something like one of these two from Schoolhouse Electric.

Luckily, those are all manageable updates which would be fairly affordable as far as those things go. But for now I'll just keep adding cat pictures as I find them...because the bathroom's shortcomings and imperfections seem way less noticeable when there are so many cute kitties to stare at!


  1. I pity the poor man who has to take a crap in that bathroom, his dick will most likely fall off upon entering.

    1. pink is very relaxing, his dick will not fall off, it will feel good.

  2. ha! touche´

    and luke staunchly denies leaving the last CHRIS, that leaves you. well played my friend. but the next time you decide to leave a hysterically rude should really take credit for it. what's with this anonymous crap?

  3. The floor will be covered with vomit from respectable man entering the place, that no one will see the vinyl flooring anyway.

  4. just spoke to my mom and she was all confused (and appalled) by the previous comments. And here is why: because it didn’t occur to her that the bathroom was a tad on the girly side. so the next time I douse a room in kittens and rainbows don’t blame me. clearly, it’s in my dna.

  5. I don't know, I think it's kind of nice. I like the whole cat theme, and think the striped towels go great with the pink.

  6. oh, please. save it luke. you're already off the hook.

    and chris...

    i suggest you use this forum to say something nice about my mom. you she doesn't think you are a complete HEATHEN.

  7. Wow those picture frames are amazing! You must have inherited your good taste from your dear and beautiful mother! Marilyn Murdoch could write a whole book about these Purrfectly framed kitty photos!

  8. Oh! My goodness! What a delightful shade of pink! It would go perfect with an arsenal poster. If you hooked an XBox up in the bathroom, we could play online FIFA soccer while you took a poo!