Monday, November 22, 2010


One of the things I love most about our house is all of the original hardware.

The door knobs...

The pocket door handles...

The entry bolts...

the mortise locks and strike plates....

The hinges...

The sash locks...

The keyhole covers...

They are all heartbreakingly beautiful. And they are still here. After 120 years.

This is why I am going to make it my mission to replace any cheap, unattractive, modern hardware that managed to sneak in over the decades.

The first thing I'm going to tackle: the slide locks in the bathrooms.

Currently, they look like this...

But how much better would it be if they looked like this...?

This one is a cast iron reproduction of an original Aesthetic Movement slide lock from House of Antique Hardware. I think it would go perfectly with our Eastlake style original stuff. And it's only $13.49! Consider it mine.

**NOTE: The image at the top of this post is a page from the 1895 Montgomery Ward Catalog. And look! One of those keyhole covers is the EXACT same one we have on our front door! I love that.


  1. I MISS KINGSTON TIMES. i feel a need for hot toddies in your living room

  2. YES! can we please make that happen soon?!

  3. I live in a Victorian home... but over the years someone thought to PAINT all of it... so now it's all white and blech... not nearly as lovely as that.


  4. I absolutely LOVE all your hardware!!! have you found any places that sell door hardware as nice as yours? just doesn't have any with as nice design as this. LOVE the door knobs!!!

  5. i haven't found anywhere that carries our EXACT hardware...but if you google search -- reproduction eastlake hardware -- or reproduction aesthetic hardware -- you should find some similar stuff. happy hunting!