Monday, December 6, 2010


Anyone who has ever received a present from me knows that I'm SUPER into gift presentation. I get really martha stewart about it. And wrapping up a bunch of pretty little packages has become one of my most favorite parts of the holidays. For real. So this year I decided to get next level and hand print my own wrapping paper. Ambitious? Yes. It's definitely turned out to be a labor intensive (and expensive!) project...but I'm glad I followed through with it. The finished product is really lovely.

I used hand carved Indian printing blocks to make the initial pattern. Then I turned the block-printed image into a silkscreen. This way the results would be more consistent but still have the charming imperfections you get from hand printing.

Once I had all of my materials ready to go I set up shop in the attic and printed more wrapping paper than I could ever dream of using. But I plan on sharing the wealth. I will have some for sale at the One Mile Gallery holiday craft fair this Saturday in Kingston. And if you don't reside in the area but decide you can't live without some super sweet hand screened wrapping paper...don't worry...I opened an etsy store yesterday. Field Guide Design. Currently, the wrapping paper is the only item in there...but I'll be adding more soon.


  1. looks great darbie, though i'm not surprised! my only question is: why is justin peeing on the bookshelves?

  2. he's putting tape on the bookshelves!! tape!! not peeing!! promise.

  3. I MEAN OKAY DARBIE, KEEP BEING AMAZING. ps can't wait to get this for xmas theeeeeeenks

  4. Christian brought home two four sheets of the prettiest papers!! I LOVE. Field Guide Wallpaper next please!!!! Good luck at the sale today lovies!

  5. Hi there,

    i am from South Africa and I came across your ad on Etsy - I am so fascinated and find your DIY handmade wrapping paper so amazingly beautiful and eye catching. It makes people want to know and learn more :)

    Do you sell to South Africa? how much is it if I were to buy bulk? is there a wholesale price?

    Please advise as I am so interest in purchasing bulk.

    Thank you so much.

    Dizzle Darling

  6. Hi, one thing I want to know.... WHERE on earth do you get the big toll of brown paper?? I NEEEEEED some :-)