Monday, January 17, 2011


I grew up in a house FULL of wallpaper. In just about ever room. On just about every surface. Ceilings included. My mom studied textile design at art school and she does NOT shy away from pattern. Since my parents have a Victorian home she used a lot of beautiful William Morris style papers from Bradbury & Bradbury. I remember it would always take a really long time to get the paper because it was hand printed. But it was definitely worth the wait. You can see and feel the handprinted layers and the pigments are super matte and beautifully saturated.

Some of the Victorian stuff can get a little heavy for my taste but there are a few real gems in there. And some of the ceiling papers are particularly up my alley. Like the Ice Blossom pattern at the top of this post. I love how quirky and modern it feels! And the gold is printed with shimmering metallic ink which is really stunning in person.

And I also love the Stardust pattern -- based on stenciled motifs from New York's deco-era Cloud Club. I want to put this subtle silvery version on the ceiling in our upstairs bathroom. Tub-time with a view!

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