Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Back in September I posted about the vintage chandelier I was planning on hanging in the bird's room. Well, it took me about 5 months...but I finally got it up. I was waiting until I had a few more fixtures that needed hanging. That way I could have an electrician come and do it all at once. (I replaced one of the fixtures in our old apartment myself...but it was seriously scary and I kinda got electrocuted a few times...hence my decision to leave all future electrical endeavors to the pros.)

The lamp looks great in the room and it gives off a much prettier light than the old one. Unfortunately, I was so excited to see the old lamp go that I forgot to take a 'before' photo...but it looked just like this cheap thing from Home Depot.

Seeing what a difference a new fixture can make is really motivating. Lord knows there are several other rooms in this house that are begging for a lighting makeover. One down...MANY to go.