Thursday, August 4, 2011


At 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon Justin and I decided it would be fun to take an impromptu overnight field trip. By 4 o'clock the car was packed and we were on our way to Round Top, NY, a forgotten oasis just 45 minutes north of Kingston. The whole town is basically a big old-school German Catskills resort area. know...there is a lot of this going on...

And this...

Basically, the whole place is like a portal to some awesome 1960s vacationland.

We ended up staying at the Winter Clove Inn which looks more 1860s than 1960s...but I'm pretty sure it has the nicest accommodations in town.

The rooms have a vaguely Victorian thing going on. Vintage floral wallpaper, dark wood four post-bed, lacy curtains. A little on the granny side...but the original wide board floors are pretty amazing and so is the view out the windows.

And you don't feel like you are on the set of Vacancy. Which is nice.

But don't worry...It also has a rec hall with wood panelling, a ping pong table, a juke box...and this...

Yes, that is indeed a straight-up vintage bowling alley. Paper score cards and all. So the Winter Clove is pretty much bringing 19th and 20th century awesomeness to the table.

And it's perched right at the foot of a state forrest...

So there is a lot of sweet wilderness to explore...including a postcard-worthy swimming hole with a waterfall AND a covered bridge.

So all of this is pretty awesome...right? And I haven't even told you about the best part! The Mountain Brauhaus.

As far as I'm concerned this is Round Top's shining gem. I mean...look at it...

I LOVE it! Deer heads and paint-by-numbers hung without a hint of irony! And as if this place could get any more amazing...just wait until the regulars start showing up. Unfortunately I was too busy drinking delicious hefeweissens and getting dance lessons from little old German men to take pictures of it in full swing. But trust me. It's the beer hall of your dreams.


  1. Well this field trip sure sounds like a slice of cherry pie! Putting this on my "Places that I MUST visit" list...

  2. Crystal Brook is my favorite vacation place ever.... Eddie, Wendy, Joseph and Robert..Best hosts ever :) Sitting by the pool with the mountains surrounding you as far as the eye can see <3 What more could you ask for??? BEER!!!! See you soon :)