Thursday, September 15, 2011


In celebration of our two year anniversary, Justin and I took a 24 hour jaunt up to the Adirondacks and stayed in a little cabin on Blue Mountain Lake. In classic Darbie and Justin style, we made these plans sometime around 7 o'clock Sunday evening, packed, and left the next morning.

We stayed at Hemlock Hall...which we found after sifting through random google results and Adirondack hotel reviews on trip advisor. We knew we wanted to be in the a cabin...on a lake...with a fireplace. Hemlock Hall seemed to fit the bill. We also came across some unbelievably grand, picture-perfect places like The Point and The Lake Placid Lodge. But they were WAY out of our price range. I stress WAY.

Luckily, the budget vacation gods were shining down on us...and besides being incredibly affordable, Hemlock Hall turned out to be EXACTLY what we were looking for. The main lodge is a big old Victorian beauty built in 1890 (same year as our house!). It's got all of the rustic charm you expect from an Adirondack hotel. Beautiful old pine and cedar paneling, impressive stone fireplaces, and a wraparound porch with incredible views.

We stayed in a sweet one bedroom cabin, tucked in the pines on a hill overlooking the lake.

We went canoeing in the afternoon.

And spent the evening in the cabin listening to records, hanging by the fireplace, and toasting our anniversary.

The next morning we stopped by Buttermilk Falls on our way out of town. A perfect end to our Adirindack adventure.


  1. Looks magical!

    One of these days I will get up your neck of the woods again. I stayed at Kate's Lazy Meadow for my thirtieth birthday a few years back and I just loved it up there so much. Thanks to you, I now know of a couple other places I should check out! Woo!

  2. I could immediately tell it was the Adirondacks from your pictures. Love it up there!