Monday, October 31, 2011


I kinda can't believe it's Halloween. Partially because it's 33 degrees outside and it just SNOWED. And partially because Justin and I have been so busy recording that we haven't had any time to make costumes or carve pumpkins or go to any parties.

I did, however, manage to get some decorations up last week. I went with a Mexican style Diá de los Muertos vibe, and crafted up a storm. I made tissue paper flowers, papier-mâché skulls, papel picado votives, and then threw in anything glittery, and some pumpkins for good measure.


  1. This is fantastic, it looks so beautiful - i love it. Great Job

  2. You do realize that, "Dia de los Muertos, " isn't related to Halloween, but a time to honor and remember our loved ones who have died? It's a cultural event, not something to use for trick or treating.