Thursday, December 1, 2011


New in my etsy store: cut-and-fold paper polyhedra ornaments!

I have gotten deep into folding crazy geometric shapes out of paper. Nerdy? Kinda. I mean...I have been cruising MATH sites on the internet. But now that I've done all the footwork I thought I'd share the love. I put together a set of templates in 8 awesome colors which make super sweet 3-D shapes when you fold them together. Perfect for tree trimming. Or just general hanging around looking cute. And you can tell your friends you know how to make a tetragonal trapezohedron. Sounds pretty darn impressive...right?


  1. I saw these via Trendhunter,as I'm looking into geometry for a design project too! [geek love] I'm gutted I missed this over Christmas, beautiful! I am in Love. Paper + design + making + colour = Yvie needs. :)

    Do you have any favourite math places you've found on your travels?

  2. Pl share the video links how to make such hangings.Thank you in advance. Send me the links at I'm a crafter from Ahmedabad,India.