Thursday, December 1, 2011


New in my etsy store: cut-and-fold paper polyhedra ornaments!

I have gotten deep into folding crazy geometric shapes out of paper. Nerdy? Kinda. I mean...I have been cruising MATH sites on the internet. But now that I've done all the footwork I thought I'd share the love. I put together a set of templates in 8 awesome colors which make super sweet 3-D shapes when you fold them together. Perfect for tree trimming. Or just general hanging around looking cute. And you can tell your friends you know how to make a tetragonal trapezohedron. Sounds pretty darn impressive...right?

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  1. I saw these via Trendhunter,as I'm looking into geometry for a design project too! [geek love] I'm gutted I missed this over Christmas, beautiful! I am in Love. Paper + design + making + colour = Yvie needs. :)

    Do you have any favourite math places you've found on your travels?