Monday, May 17, 2010


About a week after we moved in I noticed a robin building her nest right outside our dining room window.  I'm trying not to bother her...but when she's not around I peek in to see if there are any little blue eggs.  None yet...but my fingers are crossed. 

You would think that was the most exciting bird related news I have...but it's not.  I found a lost parakeet wandering down my street this morning.  He walked right up to me and jumped in my hand.  I basically dropped all of my plans for the day, brought him home, gave him food and water, and then we took a nap in my bed.  He spent the rest of the afternoon on my shoulder while I worked on the house....and he is currently living sans cage in our guest room. We have asked all of our neighbors if they know whose bird it is...but no one does.  So, looks like we may have a new member of the family.  

We haven't decided what to name him (I keep saying him...but we actually have no idea if it's a boy or a girl). We're considering The Superintendant or Little Admiral.  Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. little admiral, although my personal vote is for salvatoré

  2. I think you've got a boy parakeet. If the "nose" area is blue it's male, and if it's brown it's female. I had parakeets as a kid. They are awesome.

  3. What does Steve think of the parakeet?

  4. Steve sometimes wants to be bffs with him, sometimes wants to eat him, and sometimes is terrified of him. It's a real mixed bag.