Monday, August 23, 2010


Here it is. The guest room / study. We call it the boy's room. I usually end up making things look pretty girly...but the dark wood mouldings in this room inspired me to go for a more manly vibe.

I delved into some new territory: the finishes are darker than usual, the pieces more well-worn, the textiles less flowery. But there's also some familiar ground: mismatched vintage finds, a hodge podge of framed things, and surprise, surprise...I painted it a shade of blue-green.

It's still a work in progress...and there's certainly more to be done.

First thing on my list is to paint the cabinet below the barrister bookshelves (you can see it in the photo above). It's part of a piece of Ikea furniture that we had in our old apartment that just happened to be almost the exact same dimensions as the barrister shelves we acquired. I took a hand saw and cut the top off so that I could use the bottom portion with the cabinets as a base for our 3 stackable cases. It's not the prettiest solution...but it works. And I think once I stain it the same color as the rest of the wood in the room it will just kinda blend in and disappear.

I also still have to paint the ceiling. And maybe the radiator? I'm not sure yet. Justin says he likes it white. I was originally planning on painting them both this color:

And then there is this wall...

I temporarily hung something there to fill the space...but I think I want one really big piece that fills the whole area. Like an old pull-down classroom map...or chart...or periodic table or something. I don't know. I haven't found it yet...but I'll know it when I see it.


  1. amaaaaazing! i like the white radiator as well! and as soon as i read that you wanted something else for that wall, i though MAP! MAPMAPMAP!

    periodic table would be rad too though. science room!