Thursday, September 2, 2010


Finally. Photos from the other guest room in all its girly glory.

This room was a little bit more challenging than the other guest room because I had to accomodate the majority of our clothing. There is a SERIOUS lack of closet space in our house. (And by "lack of" I mean basically NO closet space.) We have one tiny coat closet downstairs...and two dressers and an armoire in our bedroom...but that's about it. So I had to devote one whole wall to clothing storage...which takes up a significant portion of the room.

We installed one of those heavy-duty adjustable closet systems from home depot because we wanted something sturdy and affordable. (The hanging racks the previous owners installed were NOT sturdy...and when we started hanging our stuff on them they fell on us and took half the wall with them. NOT FUN) For shoes and foldables we used some of the wooden ikea shelving from our old apartment.

Originally I planned on hanging a curtain in front of the closet. I pictured something floor length that stretched from the armoire to the wall to cover up all of the craziness...but then I realized that the clothes on the hanging racks stick out further than the armoire. Rats! So now I have to come up with something else. Or maybe just leave it open?


  1. So cute. You should open up as a weekend B&B!

  2. you could do what i have ALWAYS wanted to do which is run that hospital track on the ceiling, just out far enough to not hit the clothes...!

  3. yes!! i am all for the hospital track/curtain! i've wanted to do that my whole life! (ha - it's true!)

    or you could do a folding screen thing. if you make you're own you can do something with the panels to make it more useful like using cork so you can hang artwork, jewelry, accessories...

  4. Throw all of your clothes out and wear old barrels with leather straps attached to them.

  5. Yo, do you have a "Pirooz Room" with perfectly organized unremarkable furniture facing a micheal jordan poster and an x box?