Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, here is a little bit more about the bird's room.

Above: Budge and his best friend. (Budgie doesn't seem to mind that he is made of plastic.)

This bird cage was supposed to be Budge's temporary home...until I found him a lovely and affordable antique cage. But he really seems to like it...and at this point I would feel bad switching it. So until I find something antique that is FAR superior I'm just going to live with this one. At least it's on a pretty vintage stand. ($25 from The Water Street Market in New Paltz.)

The window seats are storage boxes from Ikea that we had in our old apartment. They are a great place to stash all of my shoes that don't fit in the closet.

I covered the cushions with this vintage fabric I picked up at a garage sale years ago. I mean...a traditional toile hunting scene in a crazy pink and mustard color pallette?! What's not to love?

We picked up the folding screen at auction for $15. I hung some dainty lady things on it so that we could use it to cover up the tv. (Note: Our tv is NOT one of those flat-screen plasma jams. It's a big old BOXY jam. MAJOR eyesore).

And I found the antique wooden hangers at Boulevard Attic in Kingston. $1 each.

We got the big antique wardrobe for $90 from The Wayside Shop in NJ. It's perfect for hanging our nicer stuff and it has a great big mirror...which is great for getting dressed AND it makes the room look bigger.

AND you can lock the door with this skeleton key! (So if you were planning on stealing any of our evening wear...think again.)

The bed was a craigslist find. I think we paid $100 for the whole set -- frame and mattress.

The bedding came from the Saugerties Antique Center. It's hand embroidered silk and I don't think it was ever even used. The set came with a coverlet, 2 pillowcases (a large one and a small decorative one), and a slew of matching dresser scarves.

I love this lamp shade! I'm crazy about the pattern and colors and the way it's perfectly faded. I got a set of 5 for $25 at the Water Street Market in New Paltz. (The rest of them are on the sconces in the dining room.)

I also got this wall lamp there. It's some crazy homemade looking metal thing. I think it was intended for two small candelabra bulbs and no shades...but I wanted our guests to be able to use it as a reading lamp, which requires much brighter bulbs, so I threw these shades on. I'm not crazy about them. I think they are a little too white...and maybe I want a slightly different shape? I'm not sure.

The last bit of lighting I have to contend with is the ceiling fixture. I picked this chandelier up at garage sale in NJ years ago ($25!) and have been storing it in my parents' basement ever since. (See dad! I told you my junk collecting would come in handy at some point). I think it will look lovely the bird's room. Right?



  2. ha! well...i also sold like 75% of my wardrobe to beacon's because we had no room for anything in our apartment in brooklyn. of course now we live in a house big enough for the BIRD to have his own room...and i would love to have it all back. oops.