Monday, October 25, 2010


Justin and I are REALLY hoping we get a few trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Unfortunately, we live on a tiny dead end street that's off the beaten it's definitely possible that no little ones will venture down here. But if they do I want our porch to look I gussied it up in the spirit of the season.

I got some really beautiful pinky purple mums and a couple of ornamental cabbages. I love the purples and minty greens with the bright orange of the pumpkins.

I decided to stick with that color palette for my Picasso inspired jack-o-lanterns.

I ended up painting them with screenprinting ink because I happened to have some lying around the house...but I doubt it's I gave them a good coat of matte varnish. Hopefully, now they will be able to withstand the elements.

The only part I actually carved out are the eyes. I LOVE the way they look all lit up at night.

I took Martha's advice and used a strand of twinkle lights wrapped around a jar to light the inside of the pumpkin. It's much brighter than a candle...and I won't be quite as worried about burning the house down.

We finished off the porch by hanging up some colored globe lights in orange, pinky-purple, and clear.

They make the front of the house look a zillion times happier. Justin and I are kinda tempted to leave them up year round.


  1. those jack o'lanterns are fabulous! what a great idea! if i was a trick-or-treater i would make a bee line for your house.

  2. Jacqueline might be lured to your door this Halloween --the eyes on the pumpkins may make her come to life. Tap, tap, tap, be careful. Picasso might appear- forget the children, this might be a blissful meeting of the spirits. Cover your bikes, Picasso might try to make some bull sculptures with handy materials. R I P
    Happppy Halloweeeen whooooooooooooo

  3. Prettiest pumpkins!! Martha would be so proud! Have you guys decided on your costumes for this year? I think I will be a scary Plant Beast inspired by Night Shade: Haunted Nursery and Greenhouse. But I will probably just end up a mud puddle with randomo vines... What kind of candy are you giving out!?

  4. thanks resh!! i was thinking of being a boy scout...but i don't know if we're gonna dress up or not. i DO know that we are gonna give out awesome candy. NO almond joys. NO raisinets. Remember what a bummer those were! i would always give mine to my dad. maybe we'll do snickers? butterfingers? milky ways?

  5. We're definitely dressing up. No question. If boy scouts don't work, I'll fall back on Dracula. It's a classic. And I was Dracula four years in a row as a kid, so I've got experience...

  6. Cuties!! love em both! and uh yeah, please since its your first halloween in Kingston, you have to really blow their minds with the kid-quality candy. this is your chance to be known as the awesome couple who lives at the dead end who had the picasso pumpkins and friggin best candy offerings in town. its also your best defense against tp, shaving cream and eggs!!!!