Sunday, May 22, 2011


Remember that cocktail area I said I was working on? Well, it's finished! It's actually been finished for a while. But I'm REALLY behind on posting. And I hate that. And so does my mom. So I'm gonna try to be better about it. Let me start by finally posting a picture of this...

I found all of the crates and the wooden wine rack at Zaborski's Emporium (A must-see if you are ever in the Kingston area. Four floors of salvaged junk piled ceiling-high. One of my FAVORITE places to get lost for an afternoon.)

Weathered wood! Chipped paint! Rusty Metal! LOVE. IT. ALL.

And look! I found a home for some of my new prize ribbons.

The table came from a local yard sale ($7!).

I dressed it up with a coat of dark paint, a little bit of sanding, and a custom cut beveled mirror for the top. (Fancy!)

The makeshift artwork is a couple of vintage tea towels that I stretched on boards and framed with some old moulding I picked up at a barn sale.

More chipped paint. YESSSS!

Here's the wide angle...and a teeny, tiny sneak peek at what's been happening in the living room. That's our new couch! More pictures soon.

** I keep calling this a cocktail area. Is that weird? I'd call it a bar...but that doesn't seem right. I mean...there is no bar...or real table...or a place to sit. It's kinda just like a deconstructed liquor cabinet. Hmm...maybe that's what I should call it. Deconstructed liquor cabinet. Sounds avant garde.


  1. I'm so psyched to see a smidge of the bookshelves!

  2. It looks great, but where do you pour the cocktails?

  3. well...that's what the table is for. but I do admit that I have been know to put out one too many tchotchke...until there is no room to do anything anywhere.