Monday, April 11, 2011


When Justin and I decided we were going to move upstate, we fantasized about getting a little cabin in the woods. You know...something tiny and rustic with a stone fireplace and maybe a stream in the back? Sadly, I am WAY too much of a hoarder to ever pull it off...but I know there are plenty of people out there who can totally do it.

So can one of you please buy this guy that just came on the market? It's exactly what I used to dream about. A sweet little cottage nestled in the woods. Trees out every window. Stone fireplace. On almost 2 acres. With a creek running through the backyard. And this one has a guest house! Which ALSO has a fireplace. And it's in a really sweet little area in Woodstock. Where you will be surrounded by good vibes and good restaurants. It's listed at $199,000. Details are here.

P.S. The street name? MOONLIGHT WAY. Magical. Right?


  1. So cute! babbling creek and fireplace!? dreams do come true... so we decided we're gonna start looking in May! neighbors forever!!!!

  2. YESSSS! best. news. ever.