Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Justin and I got our tree on Sunday! We went back to Saltsman Christmas Tree Farm since our experience there last year was so awesome. (We scoped out another place in the name of research, and can confidently say that the vibe at Saltsman's is unbeatable. If you live in the area it is TOTALLY where you should be getting your tree.)

Last year we got a blue spruce...which wins hands-down in the looks department...but MAN, that thing was prickly. We had to wear GLOVES to put the lights on...and had battle wounds after hanging the ornaments. So we changed it up and went with a Fraser fir this year. It doesn't have the dreamy blue-green color that the spruce did, but it is still a VERY handsome tree. And it smells amazing. And it doesn't try to bite you when you touch it.