Thursday, July 29, 2010


Did you know that in 2004 Campbell's Soup issued a limited edition set of Andy Warhol inspired tomato soup cans? I had no idea! They exclusively sold them at Giant Eagle supermarkets...which only has locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia. Not that that would have been a problem if I had known they existed. I mean...Pennsylvania is only a few hours away. I would have happily driven to ALASKA to buy some.

But, alas, I found out about them 6 years too late. I scoured the internet for more info...but all of my google research led me to believe I would never get my hands on a set of my own. Until...lo and behold...what is this in my search results? A craigslist post? Somebody in Dallas selling several sets of the Warhol cans?!

To make a long story short...I bought them. Justin's parents live in Dallas and the seller was nice enough to drop them off on their doorstep. Now we just have to get them up to New York. I can't wait to see them in person!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Every Saturday I come home from the farmers market with a slew of berries. I always have intentions of baking some kind of pretty little tartlets...but I usually just end up making fresh whipped cream and eating them as is. Simple AND delicious. Can't beat that.

Unless, of course, you are eating them out of these adorable porcelain berry baskets from Jayson Home and Garden. I mean...I NEED these. Right?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Meet the newest member of the Kitterson clan -- little Julian.

On Sunday Justin and I stopped by the Beacon Cat Sanctuary on a whim...and obviously didn't leave empty handed. (Can you blame us?!)

We've always kind of wanted another cat but we weren't even supposed to have ONE cat in our apartment let alone TWO. (When our landlords found out about Steve they freaked out...yelled at me in Polish...threatened to evict us...and convinced me to pay them $50 more a month and an extra $1,000 (!!) security deposit. Needless to say, Steve was worth every penny...and I DO NOT miss my landlords.) But now that we have our own house my dreams of becoming a crazy cat lady can finally come true. Just kidding. I only want two cats. Two is enough. For now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last night we went to see Inception at the Overlook Drive-In in Poughkeepsie. So fun! And cheap! Monday is bargain night -- $5 for TWO features.

Unfortunately, we don't own a sweet old convertible...but we made due with Justin's hatchback by putting the seats down and throwing an air matress in the back. It worked surprisingly well.

At some point we want to check out the other drive-in near us in Hyde Park. And next time we'll know to bring blankets and bug spray. Live and learn.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CECI N'EST PAS UNE CHURCH WAS a church...but NOW it's a house. Right around the corner from us...and it's for sale!

You should definitely watch the virtual tour.

I want it! Or at least I want someone I know to get it and do something awesome with it! I mean...those windows, those floors, that hand carved front door! Huge spaces, high ceilings, perfectly weathered walls! It's basically an Anthropologie shoot waiting to happen. And there's nothing overtly churchy about it. No cross on the religious stained glass. It's just a perfect airy loft space with character and age. Love it.

It's listed at $299,000! And apparently it not only has a big beautiful old performance space...but also a recording studio?!

Full listing details here. I'm gonna go die now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I know...I know. ANOTHER swimming hole post?!

I can't help it! The last 6 summers I spent living in Brooklyn I barely ever saw water...and did very little frolicking when I find all of these amazing natural wonders up here I get REALLY excited and HAVE to share them with you.

These pictures are of an old quarry turned swimming hole. It is fed by a natural spring and the water is clear and beautiful. And it's right in Kingston...super close to our house. I have a feeling Justin and I will be seeing a LOT of this place this summer.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Did my post about Kaaterskill Creek make you want to move up here? Well, if're in luck. Look at the lovely country farmhouse that just came on the market. Circa 1890, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, on 2.4 acres with seasonal Hudson River views. It has 2 fireplaces, original wood floors, ornate plaster ceilings, a big old porch, and a saltwater pool (what?!!). It's in Saugerties which is an adorable town with lots of vintage and antique stores, some cute eateries, two amazing chocolate shops, the BEST used book store, and a tiny movie theater. And it's also where Justin and I got our bikes.

This could all be yours for $279,000 or LESS. Get on it kids!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kaaterskill Creek

New favorite swimming spot! Kaaterskill Creek.

It's pretty much perfect. There are a lot of different deep pools and waterfalls all up and down the no one spot gets too crowded...even on a hot Sunday afternoon.

And it's easy to access. No crazy hikes or trespassing.

We followed directions we found on tells you where to park, where to find an easy path down to the creek and provides the approximate latitude and longitude of the spot.

That's a 35 foot cliff jump above the waterfall.

And if you look closer... can see a kid jumping. Justin managed to take the picture at the exact moment he leapt off!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Phoenicia is one of my favorite summertime spots upstate. It's a quirky little town with lots of personality and plenty to do. We just spent the afternoon there with a couple of our friends from Brooklyn...and let me tell you...there is no better way to spend a super hot day than floating down the Espous Creek on an inner tube.

So, if any of you are thinking of venturing up here this summer I highly recommend a stop in this gem of a town.  Here are some things you won't want to miss:

As previously mentioned: TUBING! I know it sounds kinda lame...but is SO fun. Just trust me.  There are a few different places to rent tubes...but we've always gone to Town Tinker Tube Rental. It's right at the top of Main Street and is charmingly no frills. For instance, if you don't have water shoes...or don't want to buy them...they have a shack full of old canvas sneakers that you can rent for a couple dollars. And the photo of the old white bus at the top of this post? That's the tube taxi. You pile in there and a crazy old hippie drives you a few miles up the road to the launch point. From there you are on your own. The voyage will be relaxing at times and downright frightening at be prepared. And when you see this bridge...

...stay to the left...and start praying...because I would say there is a 25% chance you're gonna wipe out. But even wiping out is kinda fun. 

SWEET SUE'S:  Jumbo sized super fluffy pancakes in a zillion different flavors?  Yes please!  This is definitely where you want to eat.  It's pretty much legendary.  Note:  A normal stack comes with three pancakes.  You will NOT finish three of these pancakes.  No matter how hungry you are.  Order two and thank me later. 

HOMER AND LANGLEY'S  MYSTERY SPOT:  One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE vintage stores.  This place is jam packed with all kinds of gems.  Clothes, records, books, housewares, collectibles, oddities(?)....pretty much anything and everything you've ever wanted.  It's all curated by proprietress Laura Levine who clearly has an eye for the amazing...and the...umm...unusual.  But no description of mine is going to do this place justice.  You have to go see it for yourself.  And while you're there give my regards to Petey the Piranha.

Other Phoenician delights worth mentioning:

The Nest Egg general store for old timey candy, trail maps galore, some hysterical dreamcatchers, a GREAT selection of moccasins and a big display of hippie gemstone pendants for $2.99 each. Mix and match till your hearts content.  Here are the ones I got...

And Justin picked up some new summer shoes...

The Phoenicia Library has a permanent book sale going on outside...even when they're not open!  50 cents for paperbacks and 1 dollar for hardcovers.  You just drop the money in a slot and go...honor system style!  

And before you head out of town you should definitely check out the time capsule that is the Phoenicia Pharmacy.  Stuff clearly isn't flying off the shelves here.  I would say about half of their merchandise has been there since the 70s or 80s.  And it is awesome.    

Below:  Some of their more modern stock.  And by modern I mean at least it's from the LATE 80s.

And if you need a place to stay while you're in town... 

KATE'S LAZY MEADOW is where it's at.  It's a few minutes away in Mt. Tremper.  Kate Pierson from the B-52s bought it years ago and restored it to its original mid century kitschy glory...vintage tchotchkes and all.  There are suites, private cabins, and airstream trailers available. LOVE. IT. ALL.

photo credits (from top to bottom):  bus and town tinker sign by nina westervelt;  bridge by AllisonLOL - found here;  sweet sue's and the mystery spot by me;  petey the piranha by laura levine - found here;  pendants, moccasins, and phoenicia pharmacy pics by me;  kate's sign found here;  airstream found here.  and as always: if i used one of your photos and you would like me to take it down or credit you differently please let me know.  i would be more than happy to change it. xx darbie

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Summer is in full swing.  We've had a lot of visitors over the past few weeks...mostly refugees from the super-heated streets of NYC.  We've been doing our best to treat them...and a proper upstate summer.  Think:  tubing the Espous, swimming in "The Deep", hiking through Plattekill Clove, kayaking on the Hudson.  And, of course, no upstate summer would be complete without  a backyard we finally threw down the $69.70 for a Weber grill and have been eating lots of delicious dinners on the patio ever since.  

This has inspired me to start sprucing up our back porch.  One of the first things I did was string up some of my vintage paper lanterns with a cord of cafe lights.  It instantly made it a hundred times more lovely out there.  And they look good in the daytime and the nighttime! Win win.