Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The exciting thing about moving into a new home in Spring is that the yard is full of surprises.  We've seen trees that looked totally dead sprout leaves and come to life...and there have been several different flowering perennials whose blooming periods have come and gone.  The photo above shows some of the foliage in our side yard - a big thick patch of clumping bamboo, a purple beech tree and a blue spruce.

When we moved in our lilac bush was in full bloom.  After the lilacs faded and disappeared our giant rhododendron was suddenly covered with the most beautiful purply pink flowers.  But now they're gone too.  I had no idea how SHORT the blooming time was for these things!  If I did I certainly would have taken some pictures.  

Just this week a row of stunning pink peonies opened up in our front yard.  Our neighbor says he thinks they have been there since the 1920s!  

I couldn't help but cut a few stems to put around the house.

Yesterday our first tiger lily opened up.  Today there are about 10 more!

And then there are these pink and white flowers.  I think they are some kind of Dianthus? 

Whatever they are they seem to have an extended blooming period.  They started flowering a while ago and are still staying strong.

There is also some honeysuckle, hostas and a slew of weeds...some which are perfectly lovely looking...and some which are more...well...weed-like.  The yard certainly needs work...and hopefully Justin and I will be able do a little something to it before the summer is over.  But in the meantime I am happy to enjoy whatever perennial surprises it has in store for us.

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