Friday, September 10, 2010


A couple weeks ago, Justin made the trip from New York City to Kingston BY SAILBOAT!

He sailed with our friend Randy on Randy's boat, the Eaglet. She's a 31-foot wooden boat from 1925.

The 100 mile journey took about 15 hours. They passed under 6 bridges (George Washington, Tappan Zee, Bear Mountain, Newburgh/Beacon, Mid-Hudson, and Walkway Over the Hudson), and went by West Point, the Indian Point nuclear power plant, and Bannerman's Island.

They got here at 1:00 am and docked the boat at the Rondout Creek in Kingston...just a couple blocks from our house. Then a day and a half later they turned around and sailed back to NYC.

Here are some photos from the trip...

Leaving New York City, early morning.

First Mate Nami (which means wave in Japanese).

The boys on their way back to NYC.

The Kingston lighthouse...where the Rondout Creek meets the Hudson River.

See that cabin? That was Randy's "apartment" for 4 years. Renting a slip in NYC is a lot cheaper than renting a studio. And I think living on a boat is pretty darn romantic.

Bright lights. Big city. The end.

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