Monday, September 13, 2010


Justin and I decided it would be a nice tradition to buy ourselves a joint present each year that follows Emily Post's old-school list of wedding anniversary gifts. First year--paper, second year--cotton; third year--wood...and so on.

For "paper" we decided to splurge and get this lovely tassel garland from Confetti System.

12 feet of bright, cheery, sparkly goodness. It think it's a perfect celebration of our first year together.


  1. YES!!! confetti system RULES.. so where does this go?

  2. hmm...kind of ANYWHERE! maybe the dining room?

  3. Congrats, Darbie.

    I don't know if Justin spoke to you but I asked him if you had a picture frame that fits one of those old rectangle polaroids from the 1970s. You know what I mean? I was wondering if I could perhaps buy said frame from you if you had it. My grandmother passed away earlier this summer and I gave the eulogy and I got a nice old photo of her in that format but I am having the hardest time in the world finding one to fit the photo.

    Congrats again. Y'all are adorable.


  4. thanks ethan!

    sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    let me know the exact size of the photo.

    i'll make it happen.

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