Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I haven't posted anything in a SHAMEFULLY long time. After my long winter's nap, the sunny days inspired me to take on a zillion new house projects. Some that are now completed...some that are well underway...and some that have just begun. I plan to share all of them with you in the coming weeks.

Here's the teaser:

My dream of wall-to-wall, over-the-door bookcases in the living room has become a reality.

We're almost done rearranging the studio and putting up those shelves in the attic.

We got a new couch and some artwork.

The bar area is completed and fully functional. (Margarita anyone?)

We have been attempting to make our yard a little less Grey Gardens.

We leveled out our patio and had some stonework done.

And I've started tackling the upstairs bathroom.

I will post about all of this in detail soon. Until then, here are some pictures of our big beautiful lilac bush. It's a little gangly and untamed, but it has the most beautiful deep purple blooms. And our neighbor, who is basically the plant whisperer, assured me that with a little bit of seasonal trimming it will grow out instead of up and will be even more breathtaking.


  1. I am envious of those lovely lilacs, and looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  2. I too look forward to hearing more, because I like your style.

  3. can't wait for the details-- your house makes me green with envy!

  4. where. are. you?! Post the news lady! I need my Field Guide fix! ;)