Thursday, April 29, 2010


I've always been super into home improvement.  I was comfortable using an electric screwdriver and taking on minor room renovation projects by fourth grade and one of my favorite Christmas gifts ever was a set of power tools from my dad.  

Well, now I have a whole house worth of projects ahead of me...and there's one thing I really want.

A tool belt.

Specifically, a Klein tool belt.  Everything they make is so handsome and classic.  And I love that you buy the belt separately and then choose the tool holders and pouches that best suit your needs.  
And while I'm making a wish list...let me just go ahead and put one of those AMAZING tool bags on it!  Aren't they to die for?! 

NOTE:  If this all seems a bit should know that my college roommates used to call me Bob, trust wouldn't be THAT weird if I wore a tool belt.


  1. these are too nice for dirty tools, you are gonna have to polish them after every use

    you'll look pretty hard core rocking the tool belt though...

  2. I have a Klein tool bag!!! But..I use it as a purse.
    You can get them used on ebay! at a hardware store I GUESS.

    LOVE IT.