Monday, February 20, 2012


Are you guys familiar with Design Love Fest? It's the blog of LA-based designer Bri Emery, and if you need a dose of color therapy, it's the place to go.

Bri is also the gal behind Blogshop, a weekend-long Photoshop bootcamp for bloggers. She has hosted them in Los Angeles, New York, London, Atlanta, Berlin, Austin, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Paris. And Bri leaves no aesthetic stone unturned at these events, curating every aspect from the decor to the food to the hand-picked items for the goodie bags. In case you need photographic evidence here are some pics I snagged from her website...

Exhibit A: Decor...

Exhibit B: Food...

Exhibit C: Swag...

And LOOK what was included in the Seattle Blogshop goodie bags...

Yup, those are my paper ornaments sitting on a pile of cute stuff in the top left. How flattering to be in such good company! Thanks Bri!


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