Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anyone who knew me as a kid (or was in my photo class at RISD) knows I have a penchant for miniatures. So it will be no surprise that I freaked out when I stumbled across this article in the New York Times. It's about "mini-modernists." What are mini-modernists, you ask? know the living room in the photo above? The one that looks like it was pulled from the pages of apartment therapy? It's miniature. As in 1:12 scale. And it is just one of the amazing rooms in Annina Günter's dollhouse. Here are a few more of my faves.

How hysterically accurate is this? I knew several people in high school who had bedrooms just like this. (Blake Westdyke, anyone?) And the christmas lights around the mirror are SO good.

Seriously? Recycling? This lady is a genius.

Here you can get a better idea of the scale. And yes, that is the Ikea Expedit bookcase.

More photos of Annina's interiors are available on her flickr page.

all photos by annina günter except #2 and #8 which are by david azia for the new york times

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