Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is one of THE most darling houses I have ever seen. It is a circa 1890 Gingerbread Victorian with 4 outbuildings - a guest cabin, a small barn, a large barn, and a chicken coop. It is located in St.Remy, a sweet, quiet area just outside Kingston. Justin and I went to see it a few months ago when we were still looking at houses. It has all the old details - wood floors, original woodwork, beautiful fireplaces, stained glass windows...etc. But here's the kicker -- The keys? Like, to the front door and the guest cabin? Are skeleton keys. I'm talking real deal original skeleton keys. I almost died.

It is currently listed at $289,900. And that's just the ASKING price. I'm sure someone will get it for less. The full listing details are

And fair warning: I still get daily real estate listing updates in my email. I know I don't need to anymore, but I love to look at what's out there. And I plan on posting any that I think are extra special in an attempt to lure my
Brooklynite/Manhattanite friends up to greener pastures.

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