Friday, April 23, 2010


MONDAY: Justin and I closed on our house. That means we signed A LOT of papers, wrote A LOT of checks, and officially became homeowners.  
That day we saw a deer, a groundhog, and an abundance of birds and little critters in our backyard. It's like the nature channel outside our kitchen window!  

We ate a lovely dinner on the kitchen floor and spent the night on our air mattress. 

The next morning we woke up and caught the tail end of sunrise outside our bedroom window. So dreamy!  

TUESDAY: We had to go back to Brooklyn to finish packing up our apartment...which took WAY longer than we wanted it to.  

WEDNESDAY: The movers came at 8:00 am. It was amazing how fast and efficient they were. We were out of there by 10:30 am and on our way back up to Kingston with Steven Kit Kitterson in tow. 

Justin and I decided that hiring movers was one the the top five best decisions we've ever made. It came in just below getting married, buying a house, and bringing home a cat.  

THURSDAY: We woke up early and went to a local stone quarry where we made the world's largest impulse buy: 10 TONS of rocks. I'll explain more in a later post.  

That evening we drove up to South Hadley, MA for a Bishop Allen show at Mount Holyoke. We played in a big beautiful old hall with a legitimate stage. (You never know what you're gonna get with these college shows. Usually we end up playing in more of a cafeteria / rec center / snack bar type of situation. And it's WEIRD.)

The whole band came back to our house and stayed the night. Our first visitors!

FRIDAY: We woke up early and made breakfast tacos using our newly unpacked cast iron skillet.

Yesterday the Bishop Allen boys loaded a trailer with the ENTIRE contents of the old practice space, hitched it to the van and drove it to our house. Today we hauled ALL of that gear up three flights of stairs to the new attic studio.

And just a few minutes ago we did our first load of a DISHWASHER!!!!!!! We had to read the manual because neither of us had ever done it before. To me a dishwasher seems like something from the Jetsons. I push a button and it does it for you??? Really??? I can't believe I own one of these futuristic contraptions.


  1. ooh, I love the coloring on the windows. did you do that or did it come with the house?

  2. Thanks! The stained glass is all original. It's been there since the house was built in the 1890s. Crazy....right?!

  3. Yay!!! I can't wait to come visit. Congratulations. How's Steve doing in the new house?

  4. Steve is slowly adjusting. He hides under the bed for most of the day...but at night he comes out and prowls around. He does some solo exploring until he gets too scared...then he meows until Justin and I get up and escort him from room to room so that he can check them out with a chaperone. That's what I was doing this morning at 4 am!

    And Justin and I can't wait till you and Kris come up!!

  5. having a dishwasher in this apartment has changed my LIFE, srs.
    DYINGGGG to see yr house!

  6. Hello! I was at the Bishop Allen show at Mount Holyoke on Thursday and just wanted to say I thought you all were fantastic! The last song you sang, Ghosts Are Good Company, is my new favorite song. Also congratulations and good luck with your new house!