Saturday, April 17, 2010


This site has a tipi you can stay in overnight.  It isn't in a tipi park or's just ONE tipi surrounded by 36 acres of wilderness somewhere in New Hampshire.  That's it in the photo above and there's a picture of the interior in my last post.  It's the one with the log couches.  Looks pretty nice...right?  And its big! 22 feet wide x 24 feet high.  Rates vary by season...but it is $50 a night from June to September.  I totally want to do this.  Who's coming?!


  1. Darbs,

    My father built a sweet tepee behind our house. He goes there to read Longfellow and listen to the creek. I think he built it with little to no money spent. I could ask him about where he got the instructions, if you like.

  2. Hi Darbie,

    I also just got married and am renovating an old house in Newburgh, south of Kingston. I'm so excited to see what you do with your house. Also, coincidentally, my husband and I stayed in a tepee a few years ago at this great B&B in Ithaca - Turtle Dreams. But it wasn't just one Tepee, it was a small village of tepees. We went in October and used the indoor fire pit to stay warm at night and filled the whole thing with smoke. In the middle of the night my husband went to use the restroom and knocked the door off. Still, one of the best experiences ever.